Marketers use content marketing to increase sales and improve customer loyalty

In fact, 71% of B2B customers read blog posts at some point during their customer journey. Moreover, 64% of B2B customers are likely to follow recommendations or advice from peer reviews, third-party publications, and user-generated content over brands.

If you aren’t investing in content marketing, you are missing out on an opportunity to impact your visitor’s decision-making process and speed up their purchase journey. High-quality content, such as blog posts, videos, podcasts, case studies, or social media stories, can also keep them engaged and informed about your brand and industry.

Combined with innovative content marketing tools, we use our creativity and proven strategies to produce and distribute content across multiple digital channels and platforms. We understand that every business has a unique brand personality, voice and message(s) that make them stand out from their competition. We guarantee that your content will reflect these qualities to help you position your business as a leading authority.

Results-driven content strategy

We have been around long enough to know what works for our clients – a content strategy that is aligned with their goals and objectives.

Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness or encourage your visitors to take profitable customer action, we are committed to delivering the best results possible.

Our content marketing process starts by identifying who your target customers are. Using the data we collected, we then analyse their sentiments, interests, behaviours, and demographic locations to better understand their needs.

Once we have an in-depth analysis of each of your customer groups, we will create a buyer persona. We’ll use it as a foundation of our content strategy. If necessary, we may also team up with influencers to get your content in front of new audiences as well. This will help expand your market reach and attract new leads.

Relevant and high-quality content that converts

Customers read content throughout their journey to educate themselves, whether the intent behind that is to make an informed buying decision or simply learn something new.

Based on research, 131% of customers purchase from a brand after they read a piece of educational content, such as how-to’s, listicles, and guides. These kinds of content have a powerful impact on customer trust and affinity because it meets their need for accurate and detailed information.

Our role is to determine and create the best types of content that drive your customers deep into your conversion process. If educational content helps them solve their problems, then we will make sure it provides a value that they won’t find anywhere else. Our writers will also take your specific brand voice and style in mind while writing the content your customers need.

We have extensive experience in writing authoritative blog posts, eBooks, landing pages, white papers, and more. Our skilled web designers create landing pages, infographic content, ads, and interactive graphics to create a more engaging user experience. The SEO experts in our team then optimise the content to ensure it attracts the right customers and drive more conversions.

Content distribution to reach your target customers

Now we know who and where your target customers are. We also know what kind of content they like interacting with. It’s time to let them know that your brand exists by distributing your content to different digital channels and platforms they frequently visit.

We develop and implement a content distribution strategy that will get your blog posts or videos in front of your customers at the right place and at the right time. And to boost your content’s online visibility and reach, our team uses multiple SEO tools like SEMrush and tactics along with a wide range of owned and paid media channels. This approach enables us to reach your target customers and put your brand out to email, social media, and the rest of the world wide web.

Track & reporting

We understand that our clients are always eager to know how their campaigns are performing. With that said, we see to it that all metrics are developed and implemented to fit your goals and objectives, whether it’s to amplify brand awareness, engage your customers, or increase sales.

Our team efficiently tracks and measures the success of these metrics through Google Analytics. We then use the data to optimise the content for maximum engagement and conversion. Finally, we produce an in-depth report to show you the results that we have delivered to your business.

Work with us

From strategic planning, content creation, distribution to tracking & reporting, our team is ready to put your content out there and deliver the highest ROI possible. We ensure that your target customers will receive and understand your message clearly.

If you’re shopping around or need some direction, why not book in your totally free, 1hr strategy session with one of our experts? There’s no cost, no obligation and you get to see how we operate!