Filmed, produced & edited from $500 per minute of finished video, no more to pay

* Minimums apply, live streams & broadcasts use hourly rates. For detailed pricing, see our policies.

Amazing cinema quality camera equipment for Live Video like you’ve never seen before!

When the moment arrives, you want to be sure you get the shots. No excuses about hard drives failing, poor weather or a lack of resources.

We provide multiple camera operators, interviewers, producers, broadcast directors and all the gear necessary to cater for action sports, staged events including extended hours, difficult conditions and extreme locations.

While low cost, solo operators are great, ask yourself: Can they deliver the goods on-the-day?

Our film crew brings a level of excellence that produces superb live action footage whether your subject is standing still or travelling at 300 km/hr!

Talk to us about your next project and see how we can turn it into a roaring success!

We get spectacular footage for our clients at the following types of live video events

Perfectly planned projects, skillfully executed shoots & post-production creativity that will Blow You Away!

When you’re looking for something special, memorable, maybe even spine-tingling – quality video just isn’t enough, you need that X factor.

Not only do we have the best videographers in the business, our pre & post-production capabilities are second to none. We build a story & plan ahead to make sure get the shot, which means our ability to deliver exceptionally crafted, creatively edited content for the most compelling visual experience is all but guaranteed.

All you need to do is sit back in your seat & say “Wow”.

We regularly produce scripts, storyboards, outlines and shot lists as a standard part of our pre-production process. We compliment this with affordable access to acting talent & expert assistance on the day in the form of production managers & assistants.

The kicker comes when we get your footage in the editing suite. This is where we turn “great” into spectacular, with an array of tools, utilities, special effects & film techniques to ensure the highest quality result.

Here are some examples from our video portfolio that we’ve recently completed for other happy clients…

Get a 1 hour pre-production meeting & follow up strategy brief with no obligation & no charge. We listen to your vision, put together a strategy targeting your goals. That’s $360 value, absolutely free, so book now!

* Offer valid until Jan 31st 2023.

We supply everything you need, so you don’t need to bring a thing. All the preparation & supplies to produce the most compelling video.

Are you worried we might not nail it? We help you visualise the finished product with a meticulous pre-production process that includes script writing, storyboards & a level of planning that lets you get on with your business while we handle the video production process.

Need to film in a location that’s poorly lit? Perhaps you’re in a very noisy environment? We’ve got all the tools, equipment & the tricks to pull off the best video regardless of location with an array of high powered lighting, ambient lighting, microphones & audio gear.

Don’t like being on camera? We supply experienced actors to stand in for you, your staff or any situation that requires it. A variety of ages & demographics including couples & families all at prices lower than you might expect.

Need a testimonial or a live interview? We supply interviewers who can ask the questions, whether scripted or off-the-cuff. This is great for documentaries, live events, customer reviews & adds a touch of realism to your video.

Advertisements & promotional video often requires specific elements on film to maintain a realistic appearance. We supply food, beverages, cutlery, crockery, toys & other props as necessary to ensure your shoot looks & feels real.

We can significantly reduce the cost of your advertisement, product explainer or training video by using a well scripted voiceover. Voiceovers are more affordable than actors, removing the need for multiple takes by getting the footage first & adding audio last.

After we’ve shot your video, we don’t stop there. All video we produce is professionally edited (unless you choose otherwise) with intros, outros, your branding (where required) & a variety of transitions & special effects to compliment the style of your video.

If you’re worried about delivery of your content, then you shouldn’t be. We can supply your video in a wide variety of formats & mediums. If you prefer USB, no worries, but we can also publish to Vimeo or YouTube for you if necessary.