These are the people that make magic happen…

Putting a name to a face is important for some, not so for others. As technology infiltrates every pore of our daily lives, even we have to admit that there’s a quiet comfort associated with knowing who you’re dealing with, even if you don’t really know. At Next Level, we’re very visual in our approach, so whether we’re dealing with your website, hosting, security, marketing, socials or a video production, it helps us to know you too.

Familiarity generates confidence which is a critical part of any good working relationship, so we’d like for you to know a little bit about us, especially before putting your business & your success in our hands.

AndrejsDirector, Designer, Developer, Fearless Leader
Andrejs has been in the technology game for over 25yrs. Humble beginnings in programming transitioned to computer hardware in the mid-90’s, resulting in employment with a multi-national clothing brand at the turn of the century.

Eventually, he established his credentials by working his way to oversee IT & communications infrastructure, local & wide area networks, & managing a global multi-warehouse ERP system that incorporated manufacturing, purchasing, sales, B2B, logistics, finance.

Higher education includes a B.Sc undertaken at QUT Gardens Point, Adv.Dip in Information Technology, along with a less formal education including numerous certificates from Oracle, Google & Microsoft & 11 years of real-world enterprise experience.

Now, with his understanding of platforms vs technology, he strives to make the most of new opportunities in this digital era without losing sight of the principles that make all businesses successful.

Outside of work, Andrejs is a self-confessed sports fanatic, with a particular fondness for Cricket & Rugby League. Give him a chance, however, & he’ll watch two flies crawl up the wall while listening to his favourite Indie track over an icy cold beer.

ShannanGeneral Manager
Behind every successful business, there is a General Manager.

Shannan’s experience across a wide range of industries positions him perfectly as your segway between the technical jargon & the end result. He ensures that operations run like a well oiled machine, while keeping you, the client, happy & informed.

His background in health & personal training compliments a wealth of experience in sales, logistics, & process management. He has significant experience in the digital space with small business, understanding the challenges faced.

His attention to detail, organisational skills & a passion for the process is complimented by an uncanny ability to manage people, problems & production. These skills often mean that he doubles as an event organiser and on-set production manager for our larger film shoots, ensuring that the day & your project all goes according to plan.

You could say he’s the pointy end of the stick, he’s where the buck stops.

We just say Shannan makes it happen.

ReddDirector of Photography
He’s the man behind the camera. Our Director of Photography (DP) & a master artist in the editing suite.

While often disappearing into the background of live events while the action is happening, Redd also has an uncanny knack of turning up at just the right spot, at just the right time to get the money shot.

His artistic range gives us amazing diversity across a wide variety of industries & his ability to quickly implement a vast array of critical film techniques makes him as comfortable filming an intimate interview as he is capturing all the action of a high energy sporting event.

In the editing room, he’s the epitomy of any master craftsmen. Patient, meticulous, proud & often capable of turning what seems to be completely unusable footage into absolute gold.

His expert knowledge of videography hardware, software, skills, techniques & a single-minded dedication to his craft leave us wondering how we’re so lucky to have him with us here.

When he’s not filming, you’ll find Redd catching up on the latest NRL action & his beloved Manly Sea Eagles.

Marcus Liepinieks
Marcus LiepinieksFirst Camera Assistant
While learning his trade behind the camera, Marcus has taken a number of interesting detours in his time with us that now make him an essential member of our team.

His keen interest in post-production special effects & live streaming make him our goto guy when that extra bit of spunk is needed for a piece that we’re working on. His outside-the-box approach often surprises many of our more experienced staff with insightful, creative decision making that compliments the technical profiency of our team.

As a second year apprentice with camera in hand, his skills now surpass those of most sole traders and although he continues to learn, we think he’s a superstar at getting the best B-Roll shots you never thought would make it to the final cut!

When he’s not at work, Marcus loves to kick back & stream his latest gameplay via Twitch to a growing audience of fans.

KirkDigital Marketing Specialist
Online Strategist, PR & Marketing Specialist, Google certified, & an expert in PPC, SEO, social media & email marketing across a wide range of digital mediums.

While Kirk’s skills on the dance floor might be questionable, there’s no doubting his ability to get your message to market.

Extensive experience with link building, content writing, conversion optimisation & in particular, his strategic abilities have all proven a unique ability to find a niche, understand the audience & target the most lucrative opportunities for significantly higher returns than are accepted as industry standard.

A firm believer in the power of AI and economies of scale, he has taken many of our clients from zero to hero with accurate estimations of success and on-point analysis of the competition. He has a spooky ability to identify & manipulate loopholes to the benefit of our clients, often exploiting the failings of the competition in order to do so through data analysis & extensive market research.

When he’s not analysing a pie chart, or debating the meaning of the word ‘life’, you’ll find Kirk at your nearest trendy craft beer cafe sinking a few golden ale’s & listening to some dirty blues rock.

GregTechnical Support Specialist
When the s**t hits the fan, Greg is your man!

Greg has been with us since mid-2019 and has transformed our ability to deliver high quality support to clients both big & small.

Looking after our maintenance, security, servers, hosting & support, Greg dabbles in a range of technologies including live streaming, PC’s, general networking and more. Known to everyone in the office as “the serious one”, he does take his job seriously & you should be glad that he does!

He’s your first point of contact when you need help & typically the first person to notice a problem & react. In this day & age of hacking, scamming & general technological mischief, you need a serious soul to ensure that you’re data is safe & secure. Not only does his diligence keep us feeling safe, but it’s his tenacity & ability to dig deep that provides all our clients with the most effective, proactive, hands-on website maintenance service in Australia.

Not only is he thorough, he’s super knowledgeable and he just gets things done without any fanfare.

Digital Marketers & Videographers with a systematic, data-driven approach that generates leads, revenue and focuses on returns. Whether it’s a well written article, brand advertisement or a PPC campaign we execute at the higest level.

Our leaders aren’t the only one’s contributing…

We also have developers, content writers, marketing assistants, data entry operators, support staff and a variety of other full-time & part time help to assist with the raw analytical data, video footage & programming code necessary for any serious video marketing. So don’t be shy, ask us a question if there’s something you need & there’s a good chance we can get it done for you.

If you’re shopping around or need some direction, why not book in your totally free, 1hr strategy session with one of our experts? There’s no cost, no obligation and you get to see how we operate!