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Don’t you hate when it takes 2 phone calls and 2 emails to get a price? We don’t wait to see how much money you have, or how much we can make. We’ve been doing this a while, so we know our costs. We simply cut to the chase and price our work consistently for everyone.

Example: In-home Product Shoot + Customer Testimonial for Socials or Advertising

So imagine you sell a product or service that goes that improves someone’s home or lifestyle. You want to showcase your product through socials, YouTube or even just on your website, but you’re not sure how. That’s where we come in…

  1. If you need us to, we engage your customers, picking the ones that presents your brand in the best way possible
  2. We work with you to make sure we’re asking the right questions so we can get right message on video
  3. We organise the shoot, equipment, acting talent, scripts & so on, perform the shoot & execute post-production including editing, graphics, audio & voiceovers.
  4. We deliver multiple videos in a variety of formats: Stunning 4K, landscape & portrait formats for reels, stories & shorts.

So how many videos would I get?

  • 1 x full-length 2min product endorsement using the location, product & testimonial all intelligently edited for a single long-form advertisement or inclusion on your website. An excellent choice for a landing page or the bottom of your sales funnel.
  • 2 x 40s testimonial clips with the most compelling comments from your customer, spliced with shots of your product for socials. Perfect to get people believing that your product is the right one for them.
  • 5 x 20s shorts showing your product in action. This could explain the reasons why your product is so good or simply be for brand awareness. Great for socials & Google Ads / YouTube / Performance Max advertising.
  • All 8 x videos also provided in portrait format for Instagram stories.
  • A variety of stills provided free of charge.

Build your own production

Step 1: Summary Information

Step 2: Shoot/Location Specifics

Not sure how much time is needed? More footage = a better quality result. Here are some examples: Product reviews (multiple products, short reviews) = 4hrs, Testimonials (multiple versions from a single person, no B-Roll) = 2hrs, Business location = 3hrs, Product walkthrough (single product or category) = 6hrs. If your video is a live event, simply tell us how long it goes for, there's no need to add time for extras.

While you can get away with a single camera for some film shoots, it's rare that you will get the quality needed to make an impact. Multiple angles for the same action footage works far better as it gives more options in the editing room and allows for a dynamic end-result. Product reviews are a great example, where a single, fixed camera is often used to splice in alternate angles from a mobile operator. Live events typically require three cameras.

If you can't (or won't) get on camera and you need someone else to deliver the dialogue, or show off your product then an actor can be a necessity. A good alternative can also be to use a voiceover. This means you can show off your product without speaking and get someone to deliver the script after the fact.

Live events, highlight packages testimonials, interviews & documentaries are often improved significantly through the use of an interviewer. This person is experienced at asking the right questions of the subject, getting your message delivered & the most some engaging content possible.

Step 3: Videos (Final Cut) Details

Here we define the deliverables. Do you want a single, 5 minute video? Perhaps you're after 3 x shorts for TikTok & 2 x 1min videos for your website. Whatever the breakdown, you can add the videos you want produced right here. Just remember to allocate sufficient time for filming the content required!

Production Costs


Drone footage: 1hr of footage + editing = $450 (see special offers)
Interview: 1 x specialist for 2hrs = $360
Portrait formats: 8 x videos @ $60 ea. = $480

Total: $4,800

Filmed, produced & edited from $500 per minute of finished video, no more to pay

* Minimums apply, live streams & broadcasts use hourly rates. For detailed pricing, see our policies.

Impressive features that can’t be matched. See why Netflix­® approved this camera while leaving others uncertified.

In addition to its superior image quality capabilities, the Sony FX3 also packs some impressive creative features such as Picture Profiles for creating custom looks specific to individual projects; Slow & Quick Motion options up to 5x slow motion; XAVC S recording codecs; Face Detection AF/AE tracking; Eye AF technology which enables reliable facial recognition tracking even when shooting from a distance; and support for RAW format files so you can get maximum flexibility during post production workflows.

The Sony FX3 is the pinacle of years of reasearch and delivers on Sony’s Cinema-line promise of quality.

All these powerful tools make it easy creating professional looking content without sacrificing any performance details along the way! To top off these features are several unique advantages such as extreme weather sealing so users dont need worry about rain or dust ruining their shoot; dual card slots allowing simultaneous storage onto two memory cards ensuring no data is ever lost mid shoot; five axis SteadyShot stabilization providing smoother footage while walking around or panning shots quickly by hand: plus plenty more extras designed specifically for filmmakers who want high end results without breaking their budget!

All in all, The Sony FX3 Cinema Line Full Frame Camera has proven itself time again as one of today‘s most popular goto cameras among professionals due to its incredible mix of image quality prowess combined with usability enhancements that makes taking beautiful photos or videos easier than ever before!

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