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PR & influencer marketing is a feasible strategy to increase brand awareness, generate more traffic, convert this traffic into sales and establish authority in your industry. This strategy helps create a buzz about your new product or service through influencers from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, and blogging websites.

Based on a study, 51% of customers are likely to buy and keep coming back to a brand that influencers approve of. To put it simply, they can help you build relationships with your target audience. When combined with PR, influencer marketing can give a powerful boost to your other online advertising and marketing campaigns.

If you are looking to promote your product or service through influencers, we can help you get started. Our team consists of strategists, content producers, project managers, graphic designers, web developers, and social media analysts. We offer support to your business from setting up top marketing goals and objectives to launching campaigns.

We have spent years perfecting our influencer marketing process. Our team is trained to optimise every campaign for optimal performance and results. Because we know what a successful campaign looks like, we know which strategy will help us meet or exceed your target key performance indicators as well as your other goals and objectives.

With the right team and tools, we monitor, measure and make timely adjustments to the campaign to bring you optimal results. We also see to it that you stay informed of your campaign’s progress by providing you with customised reports and analytical insights throughout your partnership with us.

Our successful campaigns will help you gain a deeper understanding of what influencer marketing really means to brands.

Connect with new audiences through the right influencers

Using a strategic approach, we dive deep into an influencer’s followers to analyse and understand their pain points, behaviours, motivations, interests, among other traits. We also give utmost importance to a follower’s brand perception and sentiment.

We can tell whether followers feel neutral, happy or sad about an influencer’s posts and endorsements through the comments they make combined with data. This approach allows us to understand their pain points and purchase intent. We then put these insights into practice to reach and connect with new audiences more effectively.

When your brand and influencer are a perfect fit, your brand message or unique value proposition becomes relevant to your target audience. Our team and your influencers can create compelling content together and share it across various digital channels, including authority websites.

Reaching the right audience to achieve your goals and objectives will help increase earned media value, generate traffic, and encourage purchase intent.

Extensive network of influencers that increase viral distribution

As experts, we know where to find the right influencers for your brand and how to make the partnership profitable. Our team works with a wide range of influencers who have huge and active followings to increase your sponsored content’s viral distribution.

More importantly, we aim to find an influencer whose specific style and tone perfectly matches the personality of your brand. It is also important that the influencer is relevant to your target audience and actively creates high-quality content related to your industry.

Serving a diverse pool of clients allows us to team up with several influencers from different industries. We know influencers that specialise in health and fitness, landscape design, family recreation verticals, travel, and so on.

Increase brand awareness through sponsored content

Influencers take pride in being the go-to experts in their industry. Therefore, you must have something of value to bring to their own digital platform. One of the most effective ways to do this is by becoming a contributor on their site. This will get their attention, but that will take time and effort, especially if you are busy running your own business.

We can take influencers with large followings on board to take your brand to a higher level. Our team creates pitches and high-quality sponsored posts to become a contributor on an authority website. These posts serve as a lead generator when they get promoted across the website, increasing engagement in the form of comments, likes, and shares. The more we contribute valuable content to an influencer’s site, the stronger our relationship with them becomes.

Amplify advertising strategies to generate more leads and sales

We have extensive experience in leveraging data to reach the most active and engaged audiences across digital platforms. We also offer comprehensive retargeting services that let you connect with the top followers of your influencers. This service will help you attract more prospective customers and drive more conversions. Our team also uses social data analytics to track and analyse traffic patterns as well as optimise campaigns for conversion.

Insightful Reporting that Shows the Success of your Campaigns

We keep track of performance metrics, such as impressions and engagements by influencer, content and campaigns. And through research and data analytics, we help our clients quantify the results of our efforts.

Our team also conducts an impact study through survey tools to know and understand the impact of your campaigns to your target audiences.

Partner with us

Influencer marketing works. Customers listen and follow what influencers say and recommend because they are trustworthy individuals with engaged and loyal followers.

By partnering with us, you will find the right influencers who can help you expand your market reach. We can also develop and manage successful PR & Influencer Marketing campaigns for businesses of all sizes across various industries.

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